Home is where the heart is… and a lot of other stuff, too! If you shop for that stuff on Amazon, it’s astonishing what a range of prices you’ll find. Indeed, it’s a funny world we live in when you can buy a shower curtain for either six dollars, or for $1,300. Want to see just how wild it gets, across an entire household worth of items? Check out the highlights (and lowlights) from our full day of price shopping on Amazon.

A family room is often the hub of a home, where we spend the bulk of our time, and a fitting place to invest in quality furniture and décor that will both look great and handle the wear and tear of frequent use. Some items—like couches—are worth splurging on, because you’ll want a long-lasting model that consistently provides comfort when you need to relax. On the high end, that could mean a $30,000 Hanlen Italian leather sectional sofa, according to our Amazon searches. On the low end, a $255 Divano Roma bonded leather sectional sofa might be just as serviceable, but if it’s lumpy and hard to clean, it won’t be worth the savings… well, actually, sure, it might be worth those savings of more than $29,000!

A common misconception is that a high price tag equals a better product. Certainly, there are times when that’s the case—sheets with higher quality materials will cost more in production, and therefore justify the higher price tag of something like silk over polyester microfiber. But often, the difference is in the finishes, not the function. A low-end toilet brush is made with plastic and costs five dollars, whereas the high-end option is polished brass and comes in its own brass concealing basin for $146. Despite doing the same dirty job, one option offers fashion in addition to function.

Practicality is an important factor to keep in mind when deciding between a splurge purchase and a thrifty choice. For example, you might expect a throw blanket that sells for less than eight dollars to be lower quality, so you might not mind if it needs frequent cleaning, frays quickly, or attracts pets who lie on it. On the other hand, if the $48,000 Square Golden Island fox fur blanket is a must-have purchase, you will probably take the utmost care and precautions in preserving its condition. Consumers tend to understand that you get what you pay for when it comes to certain price points and products.

There’s a lot of ways to outfit your home with personality and stylish taste without looking cheap or breaking the bank. Knowing where to splurge and where to save will go a long way in making your house a comfortable, welcoming and happy space.