Ready to welcome spring and summer?


Winter has left behind her muddy footprint,  and now is the time to start bringing color back into our lives...and landscapes. Luckily, 2015's hottest plants offer plenty of opportunities to build pops of bright, saturated hues into your outdoor design. Unlike last year’s more muted colors, this year we see the arrival of spring greeted with cheery pinks and blues, plus intense hues of orange and yellow. Popular new wine-inspired shades ease us into summer with depth and glamour, offering an outpouring of deep reds, purples and burgundies...perfect for those looking for a touch of luxury.

Here are four flowering plants that are sure to bring any plantscape up-to-date in 2015:

Wave Velour Petunias:

Wine colors are not only hot for fashion and paint color, but in the plant world as well. Wave velour petunias come in vineyard-worthy colors of red, berry and burgundy. The sweeping flowers will spread luxury and velvety texture to any space. These glamorous stars love the spotlight—give them at least 6 hours of sunlight, plenty of fertilizer and water. Plant in the spring for summer blooms.

Starship Scarlet Lobelia

The scarlet blooms and near black stems of this elegant plant make a more daring choice than the typical “green” foliage. A long late season of bloom and intense color will attract hummingbirds to this new variety of lobelia. More tolerant of wind and shade than others, it is perfect for border and vase. It does best in moist soil and full sun, but can handle some shade and dry conditions. It will not, however, tolerate wet soil. Hardy in Zones 6-10.

Minifamous Double Purple Calibrachoa

The lush look of a rose without the high maintenance, the Minifamous, offers a double serving of color. Onlookers will get lost in the depth of this purple bloom. The new calibrachoa from Selecta is early-to-flower, semi-trailing and medium vigor. Ideal for containers in a mixed array of sizes. Likes full sun and moderate to moist water-to-soil ratio and does well in Zones 9-11.

Echinacea Sombrero Adobe Orange


Popular for its high flower count throughout the summer, the vibrant orange hue and sweet nectar of this echinacea will attract admirers and butterflies alike. This perennial won’t fade into the sunset, but holds its eye-catching color all season. Relatively low maintenance, full sun and medium water will keep this perennial in high spirits. Does well in Zone 4.